OUAT Meme:  Ten characters in no particular order (6/10)

Maid Marian Hood

My Maid Marian fic will be ready to post tomorrow.

I have a little extra time this weekend, so (fingers crossed) I also hope to finish the next chapter of Prairie Sky and to at least plot out the next chapter of Peace I Leave With You. Here’s hoping I can pull it off!





i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 










Majestic creatures.

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I just had to reassure a friend watching OUAT for the first time that after “Lacey” season 2 starts to improve again and that season 3 is much better. Anyone want to add their own words of encouragement?

I finally started my long-promised Maid Marian fic. I think I can finish either later today or tomorrow. Yay!

(and I swear I haven’t abandoned Peace I Leave With You. I’ve been re-reading the last few chapters to gear up to start the next one. It’s still happening.)

"The idea of fan cultures, or “fandoms,” cultivating fan fiction writers began at the earliest in the 1920s with societies dedicated to Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes, but took off in the late 1960s with the advent of Star Trek fanzines. The negative stereotype of fans today is that of obsessed geeks, like Trekkies, who love nothing more than to watch the same installments over and over… However, this represents a core misunderstanding of what it is to be a fan: that is, to have the “ability to transform personal reaction into social interaction, spectatorial culture into participatory culture… not by being a regular viewer of a particular program but by translating that viewing into some kind of cultural activity.” Henry Jenkins, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and expert on fan culture, likens fan fiction to the story of The Velveteen Rabbit: that the investment in something is what gives it a meaning rather than any intrinsic merits or economic value. For fans who invest in a television show, book, or movie, that investment sparks production, and reading or viewing sparks writing, until the two are inseparable. They are not watching the same thing over and over, but rather are creating something new instead."

— Casey Fiesler, Everything I Need To Know I Learned from Fandom: How Existing Social Norms Can Help Shape the Next Generation of User-Generated Content, p173 (via fanhackers)

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"The action figures you can choose from are Captain America or Iron Man—which super mega blows, since the 3DPlusMe machine at cons also produces MODOK and Black Widow figures. Black Widow is even visible on the 3DPlusMe website. I mean, sure, I could head to a Walmart and have my face slapped on an Iron Man doll (boom! Lady Iron Man). But for countless young girls out there who love Black Widow, who love The Avengers, who saw Guardians of the Galaxy a bunch of times because Gamora is so awesome, *representation is important*. The whole point of this project is to literally put your face onto a superhero; to be able to envision yourself as a hero, to immerse yourself in that narrative. Marvel, Hasbro, and 3DPlusMe are telling girls that, unless they want to become traditionally male characters, they don’t get to be superheroes. That’s for boys. Safe to say, I’m pretty sick of this shit."

You Can Get A Marvel Action Figure Made With Your Face At Walmart. Unless You Want A Female Character, Of Course. (via themarysue)

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MRAs are the American Taliban, willing to terrorize any woman who dares to speak out, and anyone who gives that woman a platform from which to speak.

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