To my loyal Parks & Rec friends / Witness Protection fans: I haven’t abandoned this fic! I swear!

Between a busy life and the magnetic pull of a certain web series, I was temporarily distracted from taking on the next chapter. But now my final chapter of what very well be my final fic for the web series is off to my beta reader. And life is still busy, but hey, what can you do?

My point is: Witness Protection is the next project on my list. A new chapter is still probably 2-3 weeks out from posting, but it’s happening! And even better, there are only 4-5 chapters total left in that novel-length story. So it will be done by the end of the summer at the latest, or by the beginning of the summer if I magically conjure some unexpected writing time. Either way, the end is in sight!

I just thought a few of you might appreciate a status update, so this was it.